We released our IHC APES MASCOT NFT collection on January 26 on www.mongolnft.com. The IHC APES MASCOT NFT collection consists of RAMPAGE, STORM, JETT, DAGGER, and BLAZE. Only five NFTs have been released from each character.
Each APE in the MASCOT NFT collection has its own image and features as a point guard, shooting guard, power forward, and small forward.
With the IHC APES MASCOT collection, you can get the ART TOY, HOODIE, PLAYOFF TICKETS, JERSEY of IHC APES team named after NFT owner, and SPECIAL VIP seats to watch ALL STAR of Mongolian Professional Basketball League. Also, anyone who collects five different characters of NFTs from the IHC APES MASCOT collection will be eligible to watch all the PLAYOFF matches of the 2022 “Mongolian Professional Basketball League” in the SPECIAL VIP seat.
These NFTs sold out in less than a second and were an unprecedented event.